We do a lot of things in this church.  But the single most important thing we do is to honor and praise God.  We seek to honor God with the way we live every day, but when we gather together to intentionally honor and praise God as a community, we truly worship.  If you image of worship is of something “boring” or of “empty ritual,” then you need to join us on Sunday morning so that your spirit can mingle with God’s spirit.  That’s when you will know you have worshiped.


On Sunday mornings, we have services at 9:00 A.M. and 10:45 A.M., with a coffee and fellowship time between services. Nursery Care and Sunday School classes are offered for children at each of the Sunday morning worship times.

September through June, on the second Sunday of the month, we hold a special Healing Service in the Chapel at 10:00 AM.  Please, feel free to come and experience this wonderful ministry for those who are hurting spiritually, physically or emotionally.

In the summer months, June-August, our 9:00 A.M. Sunday service takes place outside, in our beautiful shaded worship area (weather permitting).

What To Expect

As you enter our building on Sunday morning for worship, you will be greeted by members of our church offering you a printed bulletin that outlines our the worship service and contains announcements about activities, prayer requests, a calendar of events, etc.  If you need nursery care, ask one of the persons passing out the bulletin and they will make sure someone directs you to the nursery downstairs.

Children of Sunday school age (3 yo to Jr. Hi) begin in worship before being dismissed to Sunday school.  After a few announcements, a prayer and a song, the children will be invited to come to the front of the worship area for a special time for the children.  At the conclusion of that brief children’s time, the children will be dismissed to go to Sunday school or to return to sit with their parents.  If you are present for the first time, you are encouraged to follow your children to their Sunday school class so you know where they are and can meet their teacher.

The typical dress could be described as “business casual.”  You will find everything from jeans and dresses to suits and ties.

Our worship services use a mix of traditional and contemporary elements, with a variety of multi-media material integrated into the worship and the sermon. Our musical groups range from our Praise Team to our more traditional Chancel Choir.  There are choirs for every age. Sermons are relevant, Biblical and practical. Each message is designed to help us grow in our relationships to God and to one another, to offer hope, and to challenge us to become the people God intends us to be.

After the 9:00 am worship time (and before the 10:45 worship time) coffee and refreshments are available.  This is a good time to introduce yourself to a few of your neighbors.


At UMCNL we practice both infant and adult baptism, and at various times we will sprinkle, pour or immerse. We believe that in baptism, God is the primary actor, not the person being baptized or the pastor.

You do not have to be a member of our church to have your child baptized here. The only requirement is that you can answer “yes” to the baptismal questions:

  • Do you repent of your sin? 
  • Do you accept God’s power to resist evil?
  • Do you accept Jesus as your savior?
  • Will you teach your child about Jesus’ love and God’s grace so that one day your child can accept Jesus as savior for himself/herself?

One of our pastors will meet with you prior to the baptism to go over these questions with you and to talk with you about the details of the baptism ceremony.

Scheduling baptisms can be a challenge for a family because of trying to coordinate various different calendars. At UMCNL we designate in advance certain Sundays of the year for baptisms so that your family can have plenty of notice to work out their schedules. Please call the church office to find out when the next baptism Sunday is scheduled.