If I asked you to list the 15 people with whom you share your life in a deep personal way, could you list 15 people?  I’m not talking about carpool friends or people at the golf course.  I talking about people whom you would call from the emergency room at midnight after you’ve had a car accident and you need a ride home.  I’m not talking about the 200 friends you have on Facebook. I’m  talking about the 3 people who know you are pregnant, even though it is a secret; the friends you know would catch you if you are falling, the ones who would walk through the darkest valleys with you.

A circle of friends like that is the Biblical principle of “oikos.”   Relationships of “oikos” are what the church is to be made up of.  Admittedly, we don’t always live up to that, but that doesn’t mean we stop trying.  Now, you can’t have oikos with 200 people. I’m told you can only have oikos with a group of 8 to 15 people.  That’s why being part of a small group, Bible study or fellowship group is so important.

No one should have to walk through the valleys of life on their own.  No matter who you are, you need oikos; whether you need someone to lean on or you are someone on whom others can lean.  Authentic Christian community is built on loving relationships. That’s where you know you belong!  That’s where you will fully become!

— Jay

Dr. Jay D. Carr

Senior Pastor

At UMCNL we hold true to the historic faith of the church as contained in the Old and New Testaments. We believe that salvation is an act of the grace of God which we receive through faith; and that it is incumbant upon each individual to accept for themselves the gift of salvation offered to us through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.   

At UMCNL we hold to the primacy of Scripture, and acknowledge that reason, experience and tradition work with Scripture to help us understand God’s desires and purposes.

At UMCNL we believe that our faith is very personal, but is not intended to be private.  We believe that the Gospel is to be lived out in the world in concrete ways.  God has called all people to work for justice and to be good stewards of the earth.  Jesus has commissioned his followers to make disciples of all people.  As followers of Jesus Christ, we have a responsibility to change lives and to change the world.

Our Calling

To invite our neighbors to join with us in making a world of difference in Christ’s name. 

Our Purpose Statement

 You were planned for God’s pleasure.
You were formed for a family.
You were created to become like Christ.
You were shaped for service and made for a mission. 

Our Vision

To be a community of people loving and serving God, growing as disciples of Jesus and sharing the New Life Jesus offers to all.

Our Mission

Invite and Extend welcome to all in our community; 
Include and Encourage each other in our journeys as disciples of Christ; 
Instruct and Empower people of all ages to understand, experience and
respond to
 God’s active presence in their lives; 
Involve and Equip each other for meaningful experiences of serving
God in and
 beyond the church; and
Inspire and Respond in worship.