Swanson Dick

The Richard Swanson Scholarship

Richard Swanson, another long-time, beloved member of our faith family, was a tireless worker in and around the church all year long.  His friendly smile as he came to do odd chores around the church never wavered as he went about taking care of watering the flowers and new trees recently planted, emptying the recycle bin in the office, or anything else he could find to do to keep busy.  The criteria for this scholarship is as follows:

1. The recipient of the scholarship must be a member of the United Methodist Church of New Lenox.

2. The recipient must be a high school graduate.

3. Priority of Award — Individual

   A. Graduating high school senior — first award

   B. College or vocational school student — no prior award

   C. Prior recipient

4. Priority of Award — School

   A. Two (2) year college

   B. Technical or vocational school

   C. Four (4) year college

5. Priority of award — Major or course of study

   A. Human services or social services

   B. Technical services

   C. Other major

6. The recipient must take a minimum of six (6) credit hours.

7. Academic standing will be a consideration.

8. Economic need will be a consideration.

9. Activities will be a major criteria element

   A. Church

   B. School

   C. Community

10. Work experience

11. Other scholarship awards