The Reverend William G. and Ruth R. Johnson Scholarship

Upon retiring as a United Methodist Church pastor, Rev. Bill and his lovely wife, Ruth, moved to New Lenox and became such a vital part of our church family.  Like Art Nelson, Rev. Bill was always looking for the new faces to greet on Sunday morning and welcome new attendees back next Sunday.  He became our volunteer Associate Pastor, leading many new member classes, a Sunday Evening Bible Study Class and mentoring anyone in need of a good ear to bend.

Ruth remains a very active woman within our faith family, having held several offices in the United Methodist Women’s executive committee, Lydia Circle and various Bible studies.

The criteria for this scholarship is as follows:

1. The recipient of the scholarship must be a member of the United Methodist Church of New Lenox.

2. The recipient must be a high school graduate.

3. Priority of Award — Individual

   A. Graduating high school senior — first award

   B. College or vocational school student — no prior award

   C. Prior recipient

4. Priority of Award — School

   A. Four (4) year college

   B. Two (2) year college

   C. Technical or vocational college

5. The recipient must take a minimum of six (6) credit hours.

6. Academic standing will be a consideration.

7. Economic need will be a consideration.

8. Activities will be a major criteria element

   A. Church

   B. School

   C. Community

9. Work experience

10. Other Scholarship Awards