Winter Jam Concert: 10 bands for only $10

March 10th: Leaving UMCNL at 4pm

Please turn in permission slip to reserve a ride



Lock-in: April 7-8th
Doors open at 7 PM

  • Spend the night at the church and have a blast with friends old and new
  • Play group games including a church wide Nerf war
  • Spend time with God in prayer
  • After all the excitement, wind down the night with a movie, board games, or sleep
  • Start the next day off right with a delicious breakfast.

Winter Retreat

SpringHill Winter Teen Retreats are for Junior High and Senior High students. Where else can you tube down a giant snow hill, enjoy an awesome band, and experience God all in one day? Your students will conquer challenges on the indoor climbing wall and within their own hearts. At SpringHill Winter Teen Retreats, fun and faith come together to grow your group and every student in it.

Spots fill up fast so keep an eye out this fall to sign up for the retreat next January