Due to the current ban on immigrants coming into the USA, we were not able to sponsor a family for 2017.  Please pray that the current vetting system is updated to a point that we can once again bring families into our country to save them from the poor conditions of refugee camps they are currently residing in.



Last year, we helped a family fleeing a refugee camp in Africa.  Two years ago, with the help of our congregation, we furnished an apartment for a family from Africa. We are thankful for our congregation who donated lavishly to support this family.  This widowed mother of four now has hope for her family that had been living in a refugee camp in not the best of conditions.

In 2013, we helped to furnish an apartment for a family of 9 that had fled Iraq.  They are now living near other family members in the Evanston area.

For more information on the Refugee One Program an Illinois Affiliate of

Church World Service go to http://www.refugeeone.org/