The Missions Committee of the United Methodist Church of New Lenox continues to be an active hands-on ministry.  We have been making mission trips to the Cookson Hills Mission in Oklahoma for several years now.  We do special drives for supplies for their thrift store that helps families at Cookson Hills get the things they need for a minimal price.  The drives are held in April and again in October with deliveries during the mission trip in May and a delivery trip again in November.

The  RefugeeOne, School Supply Drive for the New Lenox School District, and other projects throughout the year help to touch the lives of others locally, nationally and around the world.

We recently hosted Jeremias Franca, Global Health Missionary and Director of Health Services from Chicuque Rural Hospital in Inhambane, Mozambique.  He informed us of all the work he and this small rural hospital have been doing and what their immediate needs are.  He also informed us that this is the hospital that initiated the drive for Imagine No Malaria that the United Methodist Church has been so avidly supporting recently.

Sharefest logo

Sharefest is upon us once again!  Be a part of this wonderful, community-wide event.  For more information on dates, projects and where you can sign up to help, click here.

JeremiasIf you would like to continue to follow the mission of the Rural Hospital in Chicuque, click the following link to visit their website and sign up for their newsletter.  Jeremias Franca, Global Health Missionary from Chicuque Rural Hospital in Inhambane, Mozambique


For more information about this wonderful ministry click on refugee One to see what we have done and our upcoming plans for 2015.



school-supplies  For more information  to see our 2016 list of needed supplies and to see, how well we did in 2015 School Supply Drive .



United Voice for Children

Special offering for underprivileged children in Northern Illinois area taken every 5th Sunday.

Shopping Cart for Narthex

Ongoing collecting of nonperishable foods for the New Lenox Food Pantry.

Helping Hands Youth Ministry

Girls Small Youth Group have begun a “Helping Hands” ministry for the more “seasoned” members and shut-ins of our church family. They will come and do house work that is too difficult for some of our church members to do on their own. Contact Lynne Lamparski or Sarah Lamparski to arrange a visit from our Youth Girls, who are willing to help and connect with members needing assistance.

Cookson Hills Christmas Store

The Mission Committee will begin collecting these donations on Sunday, September 30 and will accept donations through November 4.

In November, the mission converts their dorm into a Christmas Store. Families, based on need, are allowed to shop there. Every child is given socks and underwear from the mission and every family is given items for Christmas dinner.

Parents are allowed to buy one gift per child (plus stocking stuffers) and children are allowed to buy presents for their parents and siblings. Prices are set on a floating scale depending on the family’s income.

For the Christmas store, all donations should be new items only. As a general rule, individual toys and games should cost under $30. Higher priced items can cause conflicts.

Here are some suitable gift ideas:

Toys and Games
Toys and games for all ages ~ boys and girls
Christmas stockings and stocking stuffers
Balls and other sporting equipment
fishing poles
Portable CD Players / CD’s

Clothing for Men, Women and Children (all sizes)
Coats (all sizes)
Men’s small and medium underwear
Boys’ sizes 4-6-8 Briefs
Boys’ Toddler small Socks
Girls’ Toddler Socks and Panties
Hat & Mittens all sizes/sets

Tool Boxes
Jumper Cables
Crock Pots
Coffee Makers
Mini Food Processors
Drinking Glasses (sets)
Can Openers
Pots and Pans
Clock Radios