umcnl-fun-zone Here you will find fun activities and games for children of all ages. Have fun!

Coloring Pages – an interactive website that allows you to print or digitally color a wide assortment of coloring pages. – print or digitally color all of your favorite cartoon characters!

Jigsaw Puzzles – a wide variety of online jigsaw puzzles

UMCNL Jigsaw Puzzles

Baby Jesus

Sonrise Kingdom

UMCNL Sanctuary

Fall Church Drive

Open Bible


Noah’s Ark

School Bus


Winter Cross

Kids & Co.

E-Books you can print and use

August 2015 E-Book Sampler

May 2015 E-Book Sampler

March 2015 E-Book Sampler

January 2015 E-book Sampler

September 2014 E-book Sampler


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