The UMCNL Care Team is a dedicated group of individuals who show the love of Christ to those who are homebound, shut-in, ill or have recently experienced a life-disrupting event such as a hospitalization or the death of a loved one.

If you would like to be part of the Care Team or if you would like to receive a visit from a Care Team member, contact the church office (815) 485-8271 or fill out the form below.

Our Care Team recommends Leeza’s Place for those who find themselves in a position of being a caregiver. We invite you to check them out:

Leeza’s Place

Leeza’s Place is “A Place for Caregivers”, a community gathering place and resource center for caregivers impacted by chronic or progressive illness. We support all families by connecting caregivers to one another, and by offering individual guidance, information and referrals, as well as a calendar full of programs designed to Educate, Empower & Energize.

Nestled within your own community, Leeza’s Place is a multifaceted reprieve, for both caregivers and the recently diagnosed, that integrates educational programs, connective social activities, emotional support, intergenerational programming, and offsite programs designed to help you navigate through your community’s continuum of care. Leeza’s Place was designed to ensure that others experiencing what the Gibbons family encountered would have access to new, supportive settings for the purpose of educating, empowering and energizing. Initially launched as Trude and Leeza’s Place under the sponsorship of the Gertrude P. Zalar Alzheimer Care Foundation, the newly named Leeza’s Place at Provena Saint Joseph Medical Center continues to offer its current programming combined with the enhanced offerings of PSJMC and also complements the programs at Provena Life Connections.

Contact Leeza’s Place

50 Uno Circle
Joliet, IL 60435
Phone: (815) 741-0077
Fax: (815) 741-7069


Monday & Tuesday – 9AM – 5PM
Wednesday – 9AM – 9PM Thursday – 9AM – 8PM
Friday – 9AM – 2PM

Other hours available by appointment.