Gordon WakeyThe Prayer Line is an Upper Room Ministry that was begun here at UMCNL by Gordon Wakey and Richard Swanson.  Each Thursday evening, volunteers man the phone in the church office in one hour shifts.  These volunteers rotate every other week, so that more people can be involved in this ministry and so that the time demand is not too much for any one individual.  While “manning” the phone lines between the hours of 5 and 9 p.m., our Prayer Line volunteers speak with people all over the country seeking prayers for all aspects of their lives – both celebrating and those who are hurting in their lives.  The volunteers listen deeply to the caller, their own heart and to the Holy Spirit.  When the caller has finished sharing, the volunteer prays with the caller.  Prayers are shared using simple language – big, flowery prayers are not necessary.  If a person is in search of a church, the volunteer may suggest that they look in the yellow pages of their phone book to find the nearest Christian church to their location.

If you would be interested in more information about the Prayer Line or becoming a volunteer for the Prayer Line, contact Chuck Kozielski.