confirmation retreat


Confirmation is an opportunity for 8th grade and freshman high school students to grow in their faith, knowledge and love of God.  It’s tons of fun!  It includes a retreat for 8th graders in the fall, visits to other church faiths, classes with others their age over a period of two years and culminating in the final retreat for the freshman students in the spring, where they will write their faith statements.  8th graders meet twice a month from September through April and freshmen meet once a month during this same time period.  In the spring, the freshman students confirm their vows that were made at their baptism by being Confirmed during worship.  At this time, they also become full members of the United Methodist Church.  Confirmation is taught by Pastor Matthew Krings.

For more information about this process in the faith life of our youth, contact Pastor Matthew.13062946_1327351943960581_8635244379159176109_o (1)