The Communications Team is requesting that all Church members use the following form when requesting any communications within the church. This form will be submitted directly to all the Communication Committee and assigned to the individual members, based upon the services requested.

Each member of the Communications Committee is assigned a specific area of communications to handle. All information on the form will be transmitted via the methods that you chose. If you request more than one communication method, the information will be uniform throughout the process.

We hope that by using this system of requesting information that fewer “balls” are dropped and our church and community stay better informed about our Church Ministries and Group Events.

Please fill out the form below, checking all choices of publication that apply to your event/information and use the submit button when finished. You will hear back from committee members as needed to make sure your information gets published on time.

If you do not receive an email confirmation notice that your form was received, please check your spam folder. If it isn’t there, please resubmit your form.  Sometimes we think we “click” submit, but it does not actually connect like we think it does.

Release: Unless notified otherwise; the Communication Committee and the United Methodist Church of New Lenox, assumes that all persons in any photographs and mentioned in the articles, have given permission for use in internet postings and written articles being published.

If that does not apply, you must notify the United Methodist Church of New Lenox and the Communications Committee NOT to publish your photos or include you in the articles and postings. Such notifications must accompany the items being submitted for release through the Communications Committee of UMCNL.

Communication Request Form